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“Boruto Episode 128” is a one-time special for Boruto and his friends to make an exception because of the events of the series. They gett[e] into a world where they are the center of attention and they have to contain their power and become like their father before being able to help others. It’s up to them to save the village from a powerful chuunin that wants to take over the world. Along the way, they must beat boxes, overcome obstacles, and overcome challenges that come their way. The story follows Naruto and his group of survivors as they try to survive in a new world, where the village has been taken over by seven chuunin with extremely high-quality powers. It’s up to Boruto and his friends to fight against this force that is looking to take over the world. Along the way, they must defeat the jonin who wants to take over the world, use their powers for good, and become like their father. The movie ends with Boruto and his friends being turned into chuunin and fighting against the Jiraiya company in a battle against the Jounin. The movie goes back to when Boruto was turned into a chuunin and he is able to use his power for good.

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