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“Boruto Episode 133” is a new episode of the anime series Boruto and it is about Buraam, a young boy who is changed into a man, finally meeting his father and learning to cope with his new identity. The story opens with Buraam walking through the village and seeing his father, Jiraiya, at the market. Jiraiya talks to him and Buraam remembers their history when Jiraiya tells him that his father was born as Boruto and the two of them were running away from the Battle of Shingi Mountain. Jiraiya takes Boruto to meet his father and shows him around the family home. When Jiraiya asks Buraam what he’s doing, Buraam says he wants to learn to love himself and be proud of himself. Jiraiya tells Boruto that he wants to go onto battlegartel and start a new life, which leads to Boruto being able to learn more about himself and each day being aeventful. Theano joins Boruto on his way to the land of the living and they both head back home. When they get there, they see that Jiraiya has been killed and Norberttic, the Seventh Hokage, with him. Theano tells Boruto that he can now control him and heuyngjiyun tells Theano that he is going to fight against Norberttic’s army.
Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 133 English Dubbed Online

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