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Boruto is back and this time, it’s for an important mission. He’s able to finally release the village from theynchronous conditions they are in for years and it’s up to him to bring the village to the exit. Along the way, he needs to stay alive and his friends help him but in the end, they all die which is something he never thought he’d have to worry about. The show goes on and on with Boruto’s growth as a person and as a character. He’s no longer the same Boruto when series finale starts. The show ends with Boruto returning home to his parents who are Discovering he has the ability to control water. They not only can stop the water that was released by Naruto but can also control it too. This gives them a new opportunity of returning to their before times where people were happy, content, and simple. It’s all hidden in a closed off world where anything can happen and it caused problems for Boruto. In the end, Boruto is able to show that he is different and not just a prodigy. He is able to factor into their life again and makes them happy. He still doesn’t understand what’s happening and wants to do more damage, but finally everything starts to make sense.
Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 153 English Dubbed Online

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