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“Boruto Episode 20” is a new episode of the popular anime series Boruto and it is called “Boruto Episode 20 English Dubbed.” The show is about Boruto, a young man, who is living the first time ever without his father, who is the Seventh Hokage. Boruto’s life changes when he joins the six other shinigamis in going to the village’s yearly festival, Iwa Station. At the event, he meets new people and begins to form a relationship with Jiraiya, the creator of Naruto. Jiraiya shows Boruta that he can use his skills to make things better.
The show is good because it shows how Boruto becomes more like Naruto and the friendliness of the other shinobi. It also shows how Jiraiya helps Boruta become more like Naruto and how Jiraiya became the seventh Hokage.

boruto naruto next generation Episode 20 English Dubbed

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