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Netflix, the video streaming service, is proud to release “Boruto Episode 3 English Dubbed”.
“Boruto Episode 3 English Dubbed” is a three-episode series that will be released every week. The series is designed for viewers ages 18 and up. It stars Jenna MAuzelle and better known as Jenna MAuzelle, and updates the story of Boruto Uzumaki, a young shinobi who has turned to action hero life. The series focuses on Boruto’s journey until he eventually confronts Naruto Uzumaki, the last Uchiha of the Konoha 12.
The series ends with Boruto turning on Naruto and shortly after that he dies in a battle with his former comrades. In the end, Boruto becomes a full-time ninja, known as “the Hokage.”
“Boruto Episode 3 English Dubbed” is a important project for Netflix because it allows them to reach more viewers than ever before. With Borutos deathless story and updated plot, this release will keep Netflix subscribers entertained for at least one watching session.

boruto naruto next generation Episode 3 English Dubbed

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